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Kelly and Dan's new leadership book.  Drawing on more than 20 years of experience working with fire leaders from more than 300 fire service agencies in the United States, Kelly and Dan have noticed patterns of success among leaders who face mounting pressure from tax payers to define their role in the community along with dwindling volunteer reserves and a workforce that demands greater flexibility and diversity.


Rising to the top of this profession requires a leader that understands the power of mindset and approach. For many corporate executives, they have been taught the rat race needs more rats. The truth is America has and always will admire its heroes. Having a hero mindset is what sets these men and women apart from their contemporaries in other professions. But leadership is more than showing up for a fire, it’s about leading a community with a deft hand that prevents fires from ever starting in the first place. Ignite the fire within you is the leadership book of our times. Learn practical approaches and be inspired to think of leadership in new ways. And burn with new light.   

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