Deposit for the AAFCA Leadership Academy

Reserve your seat today for a $25 deposit. Remaining balance of $874 to be invoiced in August/September, 2019.


Pricing: $899 per attendee.
Sign-Up Today! Academy class size is limited to 44 attendees.
3-Day Workshop in San Antonio, TX followed by 4 online classes plus 2 coaching and 2 mentoring sessions over the following 4 months.


To Reserve your Seat:

Step 1: Select Referring Partner

Step 2: Select the number of attendees from the drop down menu

Step 3: Click on “Add to Cart"

Step 4a: Reminder in the Purchase/Check Out page, in the field for Attendee Name and Email, please add the names and email address of each attendee.

Step 4b: If you are pre-registering seats and not sure on who will be attending at this time, please leave blank.

Deposit for the AAFCA Leadership Academy


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